Some quick questions

this is going to sound stupid - but i am getting confused as the pages on the forum may be for previous releases of blocs.

  1. does blocs support javascript
  2. is there a way of creating a comments page with blocs (would like to have a guestbook page), my host will supply one if i create the page through wordpress (so another option if needed)

Yes, Blocs supports Javascript.

Blocs supports Disqus which allows viewers to post comments on your site.

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thankyou, very much appreciated

Nazar, try the trial and see if you are happy with blocsapp. I think blocsapp is great but Iā€™d describe javascript support as very basic, similarly investigate the CMS options.

hi @pauland , i have bought the program and almost finished the webpage, the email address i used for the forum is not the email address i used to buy the program :slight_smile:

thanks for the info on java and cms