Some stuff made with blocs

Here are some of the sites I made using this great tool, hope you enjoy / Personal project. Arcade´s design and craft / Insulation manufacture / Digital advertising company


You have a great design eye and the sites look great. I was a little surprised to see an inrots bloc in the chicuelo site, though.

Thanks! That’s a gallery with some of my works referred on graphic design, I am wondering if I will leave it or just split the site half arcade and half design, not sure yet

En lo particular me gustan los sitios, el diseño esgenial, y agradable.
Muchas felicidades!

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A tiny thing: in iPad landscape view the menu is still expanded and goes beneath the Inrots logo. It’s fine in portrait because the hamburger menu appears.

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Smart designs. Cheers for sharing.

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I know :frowning: but I can’t remove any link, do you have any solution?

Nice websites! Congrats!

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awesome , how did you do the shapes backgrounds on the embi site? love it

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Really great Websites. I love it.

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The shapes are just a row with a background and no padding that matches the top and bottom row

I also noticed you breakpoints were perfect, how did you adjust them?

LOL This makes no sense? A little more help? I curious to how you get the geometrical shapes. I looked at your image file you are using for the shapes but they are just square patterns

To achieve this effect I use 3 blocs and 3 images, one for the top color with a seampless background, a middle one (this is which makes the trick) with a fill mode background and the third one for the bottom color with another seamless background, I remove the padding so the 3 blocs look like the same and this is how it works.

Click on the image for full view

I notice a little bug before breaking into a tablet resolution where the menu overlaps the logo, everything else was adjusted with css stiles to match fine

did you find a solution?

yes, reordering some links and making a shorter menu