Something id like to see.....The Community Bloc/Bric section?

Hi all,

I have been for last few days trying to work out a good countdown timer, and I have come across an old post of one someone did a long time ago and also @Eldar also did an amazing site and shared how it he did the countdown element.

With all this in mind - I don’t know if its worth on here or the Blocs store (but forum would be great) is where people who adapt and create Blocs/Brics to do something creative and great and these are tending to get lost in the vault of history unless we search for what we are looking for and hopefully use the same words which will find in the search.

Some great things are created and buried deep in the archives! I would love to see a section on here where they can showcase these adaptions so we can all benefit.
I know @Malachiman has done some fantastic ones recently with hover & flip etc which were great, these could go into this page too - and maybe get a section on the Blocs Store for " Blocs Community Designed" or something like that.

@Norm - not sure if this can be done? id love to see all these being brought to the open for us all to use.

Im probably talking garbage !!! but every now and again i find something and think - god, wish these were not sat in post 22 on a post from 2018 and nearly missed.