Something odd going on


I’ve just dragged a picture from the Finder to the asset manager and can’t do anything with it. I’ve made a quick video to show what I mean.

I had a similar snag last night with a version of the same picture. I dragged the picture directly from the Finder to a picture on the page. The picture stayed there no matter what I did, and I could alter all the settings in Blocs but the picture remained on top. I quit and restarted several times and finally went to bed in high dudgeon.

This morning I woke up the computer from sleep, started Blocs and everything was back to normal.

Tonight, when I dragged in a different version of the same pic, it appears to have taken over asset manager.

Is this a bug with Blocs, the picture, my Mac or me?


PS: if it is me, I apologise. as mentioned I’ve just got back to Blocs after a period testing various systems at work and I may be doing something awry. I think I need to watch a few basics videos again!

First off, I will make the disclaimer that I really don’t know what’s happening. But because I see no one’s responded yet to your post, I thought I’d give it a shot. I’ve never dragged a photo directly from the finder to the asset manager, so not sure if I’d encounter the same thing. But I can say that I’ve never had any issues with assets when opening them from within the asset mgr dialog. (click on the “+” sign, then navigate through my computer to locate the asset(s) I want to add. So I’d suggest trying that and see if it works better. The other thing I’d try next is to re-install Blocs as that is a very odd behavior. Good Luck! Randy

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I noticed there’s an apostrophe in the file name. In my experience having one (or other special characters) can send things a bit haywire. Try renaming the file replacing the spaces with _ too and report back!


Thanks, Randy and Sim. I’ll try both over the weekend. Good spot on the filename, Sim.


You can also use a hyphen/dash ‘-’ where the space is…

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