Sorry, dumb question probably

I have a link from one page to another - easy.

I’d then like to go back to the same place on the first page (as if using the browser’s back button) but cannot think how to do it…


Hi @Ian,

If you want your browser to go back to the same place by clicking on the ‘Back’ button in your browser, it has nothing to do with your website. It depends on your browser, not the website.

If you want to create a button or link on your site to lead to the specific place on other page, give an ID name to the bloc you want to point to, and add #IDyouhavejustcreated to the end of the link, so when users click on this button or link, it will bring them to the exact place on page you wanted.

Not sure, what you want, but I tried to help.


Thanks Eldar… I think I understand… so from do I point to ?

Whilst you’re there… do you know what “No follow” refers to under ‘Interactions’? I can’t find it in any documentation!


the “No follow” is for search engines. I indicates to them, that they do not should analyse the linked page. You only need to check this if you have a page where you don’t want that it appears in the Google / Search Engine results

The “no follow” is a suggestion to search engines to not index that page in thier search results…it doesn’t guarantee it though. The algorithm changes.

Adding the “no-follow” and or the “no-index” along with keeping the page out of your menu and link structure is a bit better…such as a landing page. Be very careful not to do it on pages you DO want found in the search results. Hope this helps.

Hello @Ian,

I think other guys already answered with ‘No follow’ question.

As for the links, you can set the Interaction to navigate to URL and set the link to:


There is a point before /, replace page name with your page name, and blockID with the ID you sent in the sidebar for the bloc you what to point to.


where do you find the no follow option? I only want the search engines to see my home page!
Also I have two home pages dunno why! Maybe isnt the right way to say it but I have a and a how can I remove this index.html??

I might be misunderstanding, but the address you gave are one and the same. By default if you don’t declare the index.html (or one of the other default page options) in the address that page will automatically be selected by the browser.

I manage to delete the index.html from the url by adding a .htaccess file with this code
RewriteEngine on

RewriteCond %{THE_REQUEST} /index.(php|html)\ HTTP [NC]

RewriteRule (.*)index.(php|html)$ /$1 [R=301,L]

But all the other pages are the same for example and I want to have it as only.

@Ian, I just saw this post. I see you originally asked back in April so I’m quite sure you probably found your answer by now. But others may be researching the forum on this issue and may read the thread so I thought I’d answer your question about the proper syntax for the anchor target. (targeting a certain point on a web page). You did it right except there’s no “/” before the “#”. So here would be the correct syntax:

Warm Regards, Randy