Sort order

I want to be able to change the order of these.

This isn’t possible at the moment. I would like to see this as well.


If the creation page order and the list display are not linked, an editing error will occur.

Me too… and then also “Search and Replace” for the entire project/site…

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Does this help?

Yes, really, it seems to do, but tried to download it a few days/weeks ago, but can’t find a way to download it there. I can only see a “I want this!” knob, which doesn’t lead so long. I can’t decide a “fair” price before seeing a demo/trying it. Or is it a demo (video or so) there to watch? Probably I miss something?

You can put 0. Then if you find it benefits you, you can go back and make a fair offer.

Good advice! I did that, downloaded and installed it. No idea yet how to use it though. I placed it in the header (global function) of one page to get it available on all pages, but then no idea what to do…

Can’t do it at the moment.

Ok. How should we use this BRIC then? Main question, to me, is it impossible to “simply” include “search/replace” in the main application (BLOCS)? I don’t know anything about programming etc, in what “family of software” it belongs, I wonder about user functions…

Hi @Himmelstrutz,

The developer made a post about this bric here…

Thanks! But sorry if I don’t understand much of this. I don’t know about “template feature”, “API” or “.js”…

You don’t need to know any of that. Ignore the first paragraph. :grin:

Let’s see, thank you

I have tried it again, but can’t see how to use it. Is there a video available, or short easy text instructions?

Message the developer would be the best solution.