Spaces between bloc elements

There is a very large gap between blocs that I cannot seem to close with classes or otherwise. This gap is always under the + sign and it shows in the finish layout. Is there a way to close this gap as it looks terrible.
Can someone please respond to me directly at this address if possible. ‘’
name is Dave.

Hello Dave,

I have sent you an email. Happy to help.


Eldar or anyone,

Could you tell me how to close the gaps between the blocs on my pages as well. It is putting spaces between each section and adjusting padding etc is not resolving as I had hoped.

Thank you


Can you post a screenshot? Usually, setting the padding of the bloc should solve the issue.

Thanks Eldar,
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Mmmm… That looks like a project-specific bug you have there. I have never seen anything like that in any of my projects. I would suggest you send your project file to @norm, so he can take a look at it.

Ok. thank you. Will do.

I had something like that occurring and from memory it was due to a bric overlapping into the next bloc. See

please help me how did you do that ?

how we can do that