Spam from forms

I have a site that is getting nailed by bots and the site admin has asked if I can fix the issue.
I have searched the threads for captcha/Recaptcha solutions but am at a loss.

I am still using v3 and wanted to know if v4 has any built-in functionality to solve spammers messing with forms?
has anyone come up with a way to help with spam via contact forms?

thanks all :slight_smile: as always, your help is very much appreciated


Blocs 4 has a ReCAPTCHA bric that may help you. I imagine you can check it out with the demo version. BTW Blocs 4 is a huge advance on Blocs 3.

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Nice to see someone else from NZ on here :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: (although looks like you have been using Blocs way longer than me).