Special Classes - Am I just being dim

Hi I use blocs allot and have converted several others to use it to maintain their sites.

We all have one thing in common. We all struggle with the special classes it’s that the rules seem to dramatically change. I’ve just started putting together an accordion for FAQ’s and low and behold the text colour is wrong.

What we all seem to do is wandering around in the class manager deleting classes we think might be preventing the changes we are trying to make from working.

Eventually, I’ve got it working but now I’ve lost all the formatting on checkboxes, buttons and nav links.

It seems so backwards for a system designed to be simple and quick: Classes I can’t see in the classes box affecting the element I’m working on, three options to access appearance, (automatic classes, custom classes and the colour control) and making changes that do nothing with no explanation as to why nothing happened.

As no one else seems to be complaining about it I’m assuming I’ve got the wrong end of the stick in the fundamentals - can anyone help

You should be able to see any associated classes in the navigator panel on the left.



Hi @anyonecan.
It really may be a wise investment getting Eldars’ lessons.
A lot of things are fairly straightforward but unless you use Blocs everyday, it’s easy to loose track of where to look. And as you go through the videos, other ideas a put forward.
He has a set of videos specifically on formatting accordion.

I second this. Eldar’s Tutorials are a tremendous but also essentially needed guides for everyone that uses Blocs – may it beginner or advanced website designer. Blocs is quite difficult in order to understand the multitude of possibilities one can do with it and especially how do to them. Unfortunately, there are still many areas that Blocs could be made easier for the user and I can feel you @anyonecan with the sub classes dilemma. But improvements do take time to create and is an ongoing process right now. A huge amount in this direction had been done already by the creator of Blocs. But this is where right now Eldar’s Tutorials help to a big extent.