Speeding up the load time?

Question, what are the best practices to speed up / optimize loading time for the website?

Hi Scott,

I find on my sites, most of the page load is down to images, so I work quite heavily on those compressing them using imageoptim. I provide an image for mobile and another for desktop.

During export I select minify for css and js, and lazyload images

I don’t minify html during export, I manually edit those with text wrangler to push all css and analytics code to the end of the page (controversial I know, but it works) I also remove any js scripts that may be included from blocs but shouldn’t be there. I then minify the html with a little app called minify.

I also run my sites through Cloudflare and use the caching features extensively to improve page loads further. I use brotli compression via Cloudflare.

I hope that helps a little


@sfoster71 I’ve also found that using progressive jpegs reduces load times a little and reduces the overall image size.

You could also look at manually gzipping your content and setting your web server to push those instead of gzipping on the fly.

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Thanks! I will have to look into those. I’m just kind of starting out at this point!