Starting a new project with the latest Beta release?

Hi Everybody!

I am quite a newbie here so I would like to ask your help if you don’t mind it.

Do you recommend for me to start a new project with the latest Beta release of the Blocs app or don’t?

I have read the full release notes of the upcoming 3.4.0, and I’m quite eager to jump immediately in it.

Furthermore, are the Beta releases compatible with each other?

I appreciate you for your guidance on this topic. Thank you again!


In theory it may well be fine, however it would be far safer to start building the site in 3.3, which is stable and then upgrade the project with a different file name to 3.4 at a later stage. 3.4 has a whole new project file structure that is not backwards compatible, so there is reason to be cautious, especially if you have a deadline to meet.

If you have time to experiment and wait for possible bug fixes then you could equally start with 3.4, knowing that any problems will eventually be worked out. The beta releases in 3.4 should be compatible with each other.

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Thank you @Flashman! I’m going to create a whole new project (the very first one) for my business and not for my existing clients. I would like to rather choose the Beta and gain some experience with the software itself. For sure, I will back-up my project regularly. :wink:

If this is for yourself and you can afford to wait for any required fixes that should be fine. Just make sure you report any bugs or unexpected behaviour, so it can be investigated and fixed.

At the moment I’m working on various client websites at different stages of development, so I am going to play chicken on those cases, however I may well experiment on smaller projects for myself with the fallback of an existing site done in 3.3. Previously I’ve been much braver with betas, however I just don’t have time to run risks with the current workload.