Status Bar in Blocs Preview to quickly check links

I use Blocs Preview a lot because it’s faster than Exporting and subsequently testing in a browser. When I Preview in Blocs, I want to mouseover all my links and see the complete URL inside a Status Bar at the bottom left of the screen, just like the Status Bar shows URLs in Safari. A Status bar would be a fast and convenient way to check links on mouseover.


You don’t have to export to view in a browser.

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How is that NOT “exporting”? If Blocs didn’t export (i.e., write data to HTML files that can be read by an external browser), that “Preview in Browser” command would not work at all. Certainly, that command is a tad faster overall than File > Export > browse, but Blocs Preview is faster still. How so? Flip between your design page and Blocs Preview 50 times. Then repeat that by using your browser instead. And there you have it.

It is Blocs Preview that is the topic of my Wish List request. I still feel strongly that a Status Bar in Blocs Preview would be useful.

Preview does exactly the same thing you realise. The preview would be using the same browser tech. Otherwise it could not accurately render the page.

But if one argues that CMD-OPT-B (to Preview in Safari) does the exact same thing and is just as fast as clicking image to Preview within Blocs, what purpose does Blocs Preview serve? Why even have a Preview within Blocs?

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I was not being argumentative or trying to defend my Wish List post. I was actually hoping for an answer. (Your replies inspired that question in me, actually.) So you either did not answer because you mistakenly thought me just trying to debate with you, or because you just don’t know. Regardless, I would like to know the purpose of Blocs preview in light of the fact CMD-OPT-B (Preview in Safari) is about as fast. Surely there must be a reason!

Thank you!


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Thank you for sharing your opinion. But that is what I was arguing throughout this thread. However, there appears to be another opinion that basically says: “just use in-browser preview if you want a Status Bar,” which raises the question, “Why then have a built-in preview?”

“Convenience” is the seemingly obvious answer, but Pete has repeatedly demonstrated that CMD-OPT-B is about as fast and easy as clicking the Preview button in Blocs. That is why I asked the question.

In other words, there must be a reason other than mere “convenience,” right? If not, then it seems to be a lot of effort wasted. I doubt Norm wasted that effort; hence, there surely must be another reason.


The Blocs Preview has the advantage of quickly testing breakpoints. (shrinking the browser width is not so ideal for this.) Pressing the preview icon will also refresh the local preview, so I can test on my iPad.

For problem solving code, class issues, I am going to use the Dev tools in Safari. Also being able to preview in multiple browsers is excellent for testing.

To be straight up, everyone has a different work flow, I use both for various reasons. If you don’t have value in a feature, it doesn’t mean someone else doesn’t. But for me, both are valuable for different purposes.

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Thank you for reminding me about the “fast breakpoint preview” advantage, Pete! Silly me for overlooking that. Great answer! I appreciate your time!