Sticky Alert (Updated)


Hi Everyone,

I know there’s been a ton of focus on GDPR content & so forth, so I have created Sticky Alert. It’s a custom bric that allows a fixed position alert box at the top or bottom of the page, vertical positioning, custom text, policy & leave buttons & more. It should allow you to create an alert box for things like GDPR policies, new product/service announcements, etc. And best of all, it’s free for the community - although donations are desperately needed :wink:

Sticky Alert: Sticky Alert Page

P.S. Would love to have some short testimonial quotes for my website. Just DM me & I’ll get them on my site - thanks !



Hi @Bill this is great. But the closing x is not helpful. The visitor should be clicking the buttons. And is it possible to make the window centered on the page? i think it looks better.


Hi @Bill!

Thanks. It will be good. :slight_smile:
I would suggest some amendments.
I don’t like the round corners. Somebody likes. Can we choose a different kind?
The closing x button is not helpful (when we talk about the GDPR). We need a button with custom text. For example: “Agree, Accept … and other languages”.


Super handy and helpful, you’re incredibly generous with your skills. Thank you :pray:


Dito from here.


Great, Thanks!


@RME @Ben

Ok, so if I understand you guys correctly, you want:

  • an Agree button - if someone clicks the agree button, then the alert fades away, correct?
  • a width option, to add some margins on either side of the alert
  • border radius controls on the buttons

Let me know if these additions are correct & I’ll go respond to the private messages I’m getting now. Thanks.



Exactly. :slight_smile:

Yes. (Modifiable text)

Yes. I would like to choose the pointed corner.



Ok, New Controls that I’ve built (NOT AVAILABLE YET):

Width: Percentage and will also horizontally center the alert
Text Align: Left, Centered or Justified: Will move both the general text and the buttons
Agree Button: Has on/off & button text, No link, clicking will close the alert
Button Radius: from 0 to 25px radius, should be fine for everyone

Anything else? Last chance - Do I get a cookie yet?



Hey Bill, pls delete the closing x. And how can i change the font family? :slight_smile: Thanks


Hi @Bill,

Yes, I think we need cookie.
If someone visited one page of my site and accept the privacy policy, not necessary the notification the next time or if visited another page of my site.

Now I’m using this for privacy notification. Mostly right for me. But I’d prefer your solution with Blocs integration and similar function would be the ideal like linked solution.

Thanks in advance.


Fantastic man!!! Thanks-a-lot!!!


Thanks @Bill,

Another great bric! Thanks for sharing!


Hello Bill,

First of all, I would like to thank for your work!

I think I have found a bug though, I can change the colours of everything but not the colour of the actual text.

Could we have a functionality to close the window with a text button, instead of the X?
That would be awesome!


Hi @area49

Yes, I’m aware of the text color bug & it’s a nasty one - I’ve let @Norm know & waiting for a solution to this. P.S. Got a solution working now :wink:

And yes, I’ve added an agree button that will also close the alert.

P.S. If someone clicks the close ‘X’ icon, should I close the alert only but show the alert again if & when they return again? I need feedback ASAP !!



As @Ben mentioned,
"Yes, I think we need cookie.
If someone visited one page of my site and accept the privacy policy, not necessary the notification the next time or if visited another page of my site. "

This would be very importand to avoid popping up again and again during surfing several pages of a site.


I think, it would work just like an “Agree button”.
Also use the cookies.


Hello Bill,

I would prefer a solution where there is only an “Agree” button, no “X”.

I am not sure whether it shouldn’t open again when a visitor returns to the page, when it is a return visit to the website (after some time elapsed).
However, if a website visitor clicked it once, it should, at least, not open on this or any other page of the site during the current session.

May be a session cookie would be the best.


I don’t think there should be a Close button as this is something that a user has to agree to, to continue to use the site.


Hi Bill!

When do you reckon a new version with the changes you mentioned will be available to us?