Sticky/Fixed Column

Hi all & @Norm,

I’m trying to create a two-column site where the left column is sticky and the right column scrolls. Any suggestions on how to accomplish this?

Here’s the site I’m working on, for reference:



you can use a div on the left sidebar and assign a class to it like fixed-left.

Then in the page settings add the following code:

@webplus Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately, when I tried it out, it didn’t work. This is the test I ran to try it out:

There is a problem, that the reference of the browser which is not taken into account, beaucse the div is nested in.other elements, which prevent to function correctly.

Here an example blocs project:

Left-side-fixed.bloc (734.7 KB)

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I used your example as a template and it works now. Thanks so much!

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You are welcome :slight_smile: