Sticky Header in October CMS

Hi there,

I want to switch to Blocs App and October CMS. A friend of mine, who is a Blocs user, has made a demo website for me in order to try the application October CMS compatibility.

The demo website has 3 pages (Home and 2 internal) and a sticky header. On the home page there is a hero bloc.

The problem is that the header is not sticky. Also, on the small screens the hamburger menu is not active. The same project works fine when it’s exported to HTML (both local and on the server).

Could someone help me because I don’t want to buy the app before I am sure it can be my website tool?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @antipanik, I have PMd you.

Thanks a thousand, buddy. I have answered you. :wink:

Hopefully that helps you decide about Blocs, It works really well with OctoberCMS. IMO worth the investment.

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Unfortunately the trial version doesn’t have the export option and I am dependable on what I read here and tutorial on the official website.

Regarding the October CMS, I haven’t tested it 'til today. It look promising, but I am with a limited knowledge. I do like WordPress because of it’s simplicity, but there isn’t an option to export the Blocs project to a WordPress theme.

I’ll keep learning about the Blocs and October CMS.

There is plans to include Wordpress support in Blocs from what I understand. I don’t know what the ETA is though. Possibly version 4?

OctoberCMS has its strength in being a great developer CMS, but also the flexibility to be setup for your clients to use simply.

I do believe it. Before the switch I’ll have to manage the Blocs app integration and this weird sticky header issue.

I hope it will be soon. This will be very useful regarding the clients’ requirements.

I have read here about the possibility for development of a new CMS by Blocs app creators.