Sticky nav bar effect

Good morning all
beginner on blocks I spend a lot of time in the forum to find good tips when i m in trouble but there I can’t find
I made a sticky transparent menu like on the video of Eldar (which are of a great help for the non coders like me) my problem is that menu appears suddenly when I scroll down on my website … I search a kind of smooth fade in or a time delay to make navigation easier & more fluid
thank you in advance for your help

Hey @Joel.B

Depending on the actual effect your after, the following thread may give you the foundations you want. Change the off set value to how much you want to scroll before the sticky nav is applied. The fade in you can do by adjusting/adding CSS.

Menu position (position)

ok Malachiman thank’s for your big help i will test what
Nice orange customisation in your vidéo
i love to learn this program
thank’s again & sorry for my bad english

Orange customisation?? Are you talking about the orange buttons on MacOS? That’s built in, you can change the colour for dark mode.

yes the orange button i am in dark mode and blocs is black