Sticky Nav max-width %

I am still waiting that the full width option would also apply to the sticky nav. Right now the max-width pixel option stays for the sticky nav, even if I change the width to percent in general.

Im not sure what you mean. The Sticky Nav can be full width no problem.

sure looks good in the app, have you tried scrolling down in the browser?

yes. it works for me

hmm… in my hero bloc, the logo and hamburger menu of the sticky nav that appears when scrolling down are no longer on the far left/right

Hey @burnardo

You didn’t mention Hero Bloc before, yeah your correct.

You can fix it by adding this to the page header

.fill-bloc-top-edge.sticky .navbar{
 max-width: 100%;	

Or better yet, make a custom class (keeping the spacing) and set the max-width.

Maybe @Norm can look at automating this, seems to be an oversight.

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yes, I usually fix that in the stylesheet after export, but I think someone just forgot to make sure that the percentage option will also apply to the sticky nav in the hero bloc.

What I mean is I am waiting for this to be corrected.

If you add it to the class manager you don’t have to do that.

Send a submission to norm as a bug.