Sticky navbar not sticky in iOS11


I am working on a project and have found that the navbar on my iPhone 6s with iOS11 is not “sticky”. She rolls with the side up. On another iPhone 6s an iPad Air with iOS10 the navbar is sticky.

Has anyone else the same problem?


I have an iPhone 6S running iOS11 and I have just checked a number of my own block websites. The menus in every case are sticky and work fine. I don’t think this is a blocs issue.

Hi David,

thanks for your answer.
Can you check out here: [details=Summary][/details]
This is the project i’m working on.



Just tested it on my phone and it’s working fine!


mhm … maybe I have other settings enabled or disabled in Safari like you.

Any idea what that could be?

wow … I even completely finished Safari and restarted the iPhone. Now everything works as it should. Very strange.