Working with template from Eldgar, on Computer and Ipad oreview the sticky behaves well and when I sroll down, the menu slowly drops down and all is well, however on Phone previews the panel does not slide down enough. What settings do I have wrong. I am also unable to switch my menus to Hamburger on computer screen size, only on smaller screen sizes. Any help appreciated.

If you have a problem with one of Eldar’s templates it’s probably best contacting him direct

Well, I thought this is an issue with some simnple Sticky customization rather then the template which works well on all sizes . . I am sure I did clicked on something and bingo, damage is done :wink:

If you have the template you could just save that bloc from the original and import it to the project you are working on. You may just need to reconnect the page links. I have never actually created a site based off a template since I build my sites from scratch but that should work.

Looks like I have accidentally edited the class .navigation-bar. After I deleted it all is back to normal.