Still can't assign images in custom classes [SOLVED]

I have a project that was affected by this bug, which is now fixed in the Beta. However, the beta fix isn’t working on my particular project file… only if I create a fresh empty file.

The problem was that when I assign an image to a custom class in the class editor, it wouldn’t save. If I switched to a different breakpoint, then switched back, the image was gone. Same if I just attempted to save the changes. The image change wasn’t saved.

With the Beta, if I create a brand new project file, the problem doesn’t happen. Everything works as expected. But my ORIGINAL project file still suffers the issue, even in the beta build. Even if I create a brand new fresh custom class in the file, I still can’t assign images to it. Not for any breakpoints. It’s like the bug only works for me on new files. It doesn’t fix the problem on any file that was previously affected by the bug.

I filed a bug redux report, but figured I’d toss this to the collective here as well and see if anyone had any ideas for workarounds while I wait for a fix.

Thanks in advance.

In case this helps someone else:

Norm got back to me and suggested trying to remove the affected assets from the project, and bring them in fresh. This worked for me. Posting here in case anyone else is wrestling with this!

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That’s great @mattyf glad that it’s been solved.