Still problems in tablet-view


The problem with tablet-view, that I explained in another topic is still there.
Once again, wenn I toggle the menu to “Tablet & Mobile Only”, I cannot see the menu in Preview-Tablet-Mode. It seems to be a z-index-problem. In Safari it looks ok.


Thanks, all fixed for 2.3.2.


Same problem in 2.3.2.B1


Could you post the file so I can take a closer look. Im not able to replicate the issue now.


How to send the file? Can’t upload it here. Need email-adress.


Just DM me here in the forum with a Dropbox link.


Just sent it to your address.


Did you get my file? Could you find the problem?


Sorry, yes I have it. I’m still working out a few kinks for the next beta. I’ll email you more details soon.


All fixed and ready for 2.3.2 build 2.

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