Stock Images - general comment

Often I need to source a few stock images.

Am I the only one that spends a huge amount of time doing this and then cropping them afterwards?

I’m just curious because I really find myself searching hard for the right image. It’s harder because I often want the subject offset so I can fit text into a space, or I want a wide shot that I can make a panoramic aspect, or a tall version.

Anyway, it takes me ages…


Yep, it’s the never ending story :frowning:

I search for free images first. I use google or bing and search images free usage rights, use but I normally purchase mine from

I normally purchase a image package when they run a sale. They send me 40% off coupons and I’ll buy 50 credits.
I to search hard to find the right image for the project. It really depends on if I’m using it for a background or something else. Another thing I look for is images that will work good for both desktop and mobile versions. I wish there was a better way but unfortunately I’ve not found a better solution.


When I tell clients how much time I’ve spent looking for images, they are always pretty surprised.