Stop Automatic Carousel

Is it possible to stop the Automatic Carousel and just leave the user move to the next image by the arrows ?

Cheers All


Hi Chris
its not a function in Blocs, but there are 2 ways to

or, you just set the duration to 500000 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

or use a small script

open pagesettings, click add code, insert the code and save

// Carousel Interval
$(‘#carousel-1’).carousel({interval: false});



Sandy allways knows this kind of stuff.
Great. Thanks a lot. Good to have you here.


If “false” (no quotes) was allowed to be entered into Duration under Settings (Sidebar) for a Carousel, and that would then yield: data-interval=“false” - which is the the preferred method when using data-interval, which Blocs already currently is. I would suggest this verse setting an arbitrary high number for data-interval or invoking an additional overriding JQuery call. It’s a cleaner approach in my opinion, verse the two ways previously suggested.

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@sandy cheers matey, that did the trick :thumbsup: