Storefront with an upload option before adding to cart

I’m looking to build a blocs site with the ability to sell digital products. I’d like to have the functionality for the customer to:

  • List item upload an image, then add the “order” to the cart for purchase.

  • List item I would then take the uploaded image, edit it into the final product and then deliver the product to the customer via digital content delivery system.

Can you recommend a shopping cart system to deliver this? (A system that a person with very little coding experience can tackle).

Thanks for your help! :wink:


Hi Carlos,

You might want to have a look at its a free and open source market platform. On their market place they do offer different upload functions from free to $30. Good luck!

Hi @streambeans

Ecwid has this feature. Ive been testing it recently and its as simple as one code bric to integrate into a Blocs design.

Less than 10 products and its free.

I checked the Docs and there is a file upload option for customers.

But digital downloads are excluded in the Ecwid Store. Only hardware products up to 10 are free.

Yes @StFoldex is right, you have to get at least the Venture plan to have uploads, and digital downloads.

I appreciate the info you guys. I ended up going with ECWID, $15 a month and I’m pretty happy with the setup and integration. Pretty simple. I appreciate the help!