Strange breakpoint behaviour

Hello there,
first post and first project with blocks :slight_smile: I have a problem with breakpoints and how they work on my devices. I set breakpoints and custom classes for different elements. All works fine when I am on the browser and I resize the screen. All sizes except from 990px to 768px. I don’t know what to do there (See gif attached). Any idea how to solve this? Also that is the only version I see both in my iPhone and iPad :confused:

Thank you in advance!

I guess you’re referring to the collapse leaving the mobile images left justified and loads of space on the right.

Maybe a tablet specific layout for those with the images centered?

Hi, yes. Sorry for the late reply. I have a tablet version and a mobile version. The problem is that the devices don’t get it when I upload the exported version. I sent my blocs file to them —Blocs people— so they can check if it’s a bug as I only used the built-in breakpoints but my project uses one that it shouldn’t. I’ll tell you here what’s the outcome.