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I wanted to get your opinion as well as anyone else… if it would be possible to add a payment page to a couple of my websites using Stripe API’s using blocs.

The process is as follows on both of them.

  • Customer receives an invoice for the amount owed
  • They are directed to the website to pay this bill, with a link in the invoice
  • Navigate on the the Website to the payment page if they did not use the link above
  • On the payment page have button to start the stripe payment process
  • Customer enter the amount they owe and pays their bill.

Stripe support told me one option would be required…

The first option would to build a custom payment page to allow the customers to input their own amount. This will require API coding.

Below is the doc from stripe.
Stripe API Documentation
What do you think???


I have done some more research into how to code and add a stripe payment page to a blocks website and landed on Symfony and PHPstorm. Anybody familiar with Symfony and PHPstorm to use as development tools for creating PHP application using stripe api’s or thoughts on tools to use for developing a PHP payment page?

Hello @eagle that documentation is to add API to one of your app or shop, if you just need a button to a specific payment or recurrent payments you can follow this link:

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Yes, you shouldn’t need to go as deep as that @eagle, Stripe have also a thing called elements that you to quickly build a form.

Thanks, I use checkout on one of my websites, but it does not support customer entering the amount to be paid. Checkout requires you setup customers and products from the dashboard. So, I wanted a payment page where the customer can enter the amount.

Thanks, it does look like my only option is to develop a page using stripe API’s. I am still investigating this option to use the stripe API’s.

Also, I will look into the stripe elements.

Try here:

Thanks for the suggestion. I am still looking into this. I would like to have the skills to develop code for the stripe API’s however the investment in time to acquire these new skills is daunting as well as this is trying to meet a single need. So, I am trying to find a pre-made solution I could pretty much plug in to blocs.

So, are there any other payment systems besides stripe and PayPal that I can plugin into blocs?