Stripes ou frame around the whole site and color with svg logo

Hello everyone, and first of all i appologize for my english if its not perfect, i’m not native speaker, i’ll try to do my best.

I have designed a website in XD, and i am now trying to put it on blocks- the site is really simple BUT i can’t manage to do some basics design things …

1- I would like my site to display white frame (marging) on left and right of the whole site with logo and menu above it, I can’t find a way to_ i attached a screenshot of my design so it will be clearer.

2- i would like my svg logo to change color in funcion of the page, can’t find where

3- is it possible to scroll horizontaly between pages ?

Thanks you so much for your help, sorry for many questions

here is the screenshot

  1. See example (custom-edge.bloc )
    In this example I’ve applied a custom class on the bloc, set its max-width via that class to 95% and then applied a left and right auto margin.
  2. You would need to do that before you add it to Blocs.
  3. Not possible right now.