Anyone got any ideas of what may cause a hamburger menu to only momentarily display the menu when tapped. The site can be seen HERE. If you reduce the browser window to a smaller size to display the hamburger, the problem will be seen. Tap or click on the hamburger and it will be noticed that the menu items display but then disappear.

Something does not seem right about your nav setup. I know little about coding/CSS, but I looked at one of my hamburger setups and copied my div class=“collapse …” to your corresponding div and got the attached result. At least menu stays there after clicking. Maybe recreate your nav? Or maybe someone with coding/CSS experience can explain. Good Luck!

Many thanks for taking a look. Much appreciated

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Hi @hendon52

Like it or not but probably a conflict with PHP jabbers script. Had the same issue: the loading of the bootstrap js file from the script had to be removed as it was in conflict with the Blocs bootstrap js file.

In my case, the following line of code had to be removed from the script:

loadScript("<?php echo PJ_INSTALL_URL . $dm->getPath('pj_bootstrap'); ?>pjQuery.bootstrap.min.js", function () {


@mds That makes sense - there have been a number of incompatibility issues since the upgrade of bootstrap. Can you tell me which particular file you had to edit to solve the problem and did you edit pre installation or after the script was installed. Your insight would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @hendon52

The removal of the above code was made to the Blog script: folder - app/views/pjLoad/elements/loadjs.php with the script already having been installed.

Make sure you keep a backup before removing the line. Should work provided the file content is similar to the Blog script code.

Let me know if it works.