Styling a NavBar's Links?


I have asked this question before and never got what I considered to be a satisfactory answer as there should be no way that I have to create a copy of the navbar on each page in order to style the links, right?

This is what I need to achieve, I have been trying for about a week now to achieve this and I have had zero luck, other than being able to get the right size font.

I want the active page to have it’s navbar link style with the bar underneath and the background darkened. Also when moving the cursor over an item I want the background to highlight.

How do I accomplish this, I have seen the video Eldar posted for doing it in Blocs 2 but to me that approach makes no sense at all as there is no way I should have to duplicate the navbar on each page in order to style the links, is there? This seems like such a fundamental thing to want to change and yet I cannot get it to work. Yes, I have tried styling the links using the class for them but nothing happens.


Hello @handshaper,

you need some lines of code to achive this.
Changing the navigation menu style

@Norm, would be great if you could add some active nav styling to the sidebar options, becaus already a lot of people had problems with this.

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Hello @handshaper,

Check if is this what you need…



Yes, that is almost exactly what I was trying to achieve, how did you do that?

There you go… Carnaval Gift

handshaper.bloc (2.8 MB)

As we say here in Hawaii, mahalo!

I ear that in CSI… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

OK, I think I have a lot of this figured out now thanks to everyone for their assistance.

But I have to say this is fairly ridiculous that someone has to go through this much trouble to simply style navbar items. There is no way some novice who is trying to use Blocs is ever going to find this easy to do. I simply don’t understand why something so fundamental is not presented right in the inspector where it can be easily accessed.

There has to be an easier way to do this please @Norm!

BTW, I also tried to do this in the latest BETA 3 and could not accomplish it in there as the list items in the navbar were LOCKED so there was no way of editing them. Then @Pealco sent me an example and the light bulb went off, don’t use the PRIMARY MENU as the source, wow, that is a little subtle even though I had seen that mentioned before.

You have to thanks @eldar, I’m learning a lot with him.
I don’t know if you already know but his courses are very helpful.

Check here:Eldar Mastering Blocs 3

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Yes, I definitely am going to sign up for Eldar courses as it clearly looks like it is going to take a fair amount of effort to master Blocs. Amazing app but compared to what I’m used to a lot more complicated for the little details.