Sub/Sub Menu?

Hi everyone, I was wondering if Blocs can create a sub menu of a sub menu? I’ve attached a screen capture of what I’m looking to do.

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Multi-level menus can be created in blocs. However, these sort of menus really do belong in another era of web design. In today’s world of responsive design and touch screen devices, these older type menus can be problematic for website visitors. If this is a feature that you really can’t live without, it would be better to create a mega menu which can be hidden or unhidden on demand.

Ok, I can see what you’re saying. This is an older site that I’m going to update so I guess it’s time to update the menu’s also.

I will do some research on the mega menu, probably a good choice for this site.

Thanks so much for your response.


I have just run up against the same issue on a new site started this morning. It all started fine, where I had a general services menu leading to sub menus for electrical testing and fire safety.

I filled in all the menu areas for each section, but now find I am unable to access them to properly in edit mode. I click on the electrical testing sub menu and it only shows me the fire options, despite those pages being in a separate, distinct sub folder.

Basically Blocs is unable to access the first sub menu now to add page links. In preview it all looks correct, but in edit I cannot reach the desired pages to add the links I want.




They actually appear to be hidden underneath, but horribly difficult to locate and edit.

I think it would be easier to select the menu items for editing in the layer tree on the left of the screen. By selecting each item in turn, you will be able to edit the link and other properties in the properties panel on the right of the screen.

With drop down menus, it’s easier to edit everything in the menu manager.

I’ve done it now and all appears to be working correctly. On a different note I am finding the new change with page labels taking their names from SEO titles, rather than page names a pain in the neck, forcing me to edit the link labels of every page via the layer tree.