Subdirectories, please!

I don’t know what the reasoning is behind not having subdirectories, but it is really frustrating. It should just be a simple click and you have a subdirectory, with any URLs automatically updated to reflect files that are affected. This was in Dreamweaver—and any number of other platforms—20 years ago!


We have clean URLs in export options.

Yes, but that only turns your pages into directories; it doesn’t allow you to structure your directories with whatever content or additional subdirectories you want within Blocs. This becomes very problematic when working on a large site with dozens of pages. And it seems like it would be a fairly simple feature to add compared to everything else Blocs can do.

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Plus1 for nested folders. I know it’s been talked about before. And I wouldn’t expect this feature to appear until a major release. But it would be very cool.


Handling directory structures and paths is one of the most difficult tasks.


I’ve not tried it but could this not be done in WordPress using a Blocs generated theme? I would also like to see this inside standard Blocs projects, however I gather it is no small task.

It’s worth remembering also that some of the features included in old design apps were done when they had far fewer variables to manage.

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Actually, WordPress doesn’t generate directories, but will just give the pages some clean url’s, pretty much in the same way that Blocs already offers.

The only ‘workaround’ that comes close, that WordPress does allow us, is to create a page as a “child”-page/subpage of another page. This subpage creation can be done like this: Pages |

Hello everyone, new Bloc-er here.

At the moment, there is a big Bloc-er for me using Blocs, because it lacks the ability to specify separate values for page name and folder name.

This issue results me not being able to develop websites in Greek, as raised in this bloc post where nobody answered.

I know there are workarounds and I have applied one. I don’t see the point of having to do workarounds for 1 folder field