Submenu "scrolltotop" doesn´t follow class editing anymore

I tried to work on editing the scroll to top button, but all tricks as from former times @apswoodwork typing the class .scrollToTop etc dont work.
There is only acceptence scrolltotop ba class manager and every change will not be reflected, neither in preview nor in browser view.
Is this subclass dead?


also checked with 2.4.2

Who else has noticed this?


Tryed with new project in old BLOCS 2.3.2 and it works.

Looks like subclass “.scrlollToTop” is dead in newer versions.

I experience the same, working with blocs 2.4.5

Obviously no updates and bug fixes until release of 2.5 although it´s still in beta.


Just did a quick test and if you want to change colours and such on the scroll button
you can add the class .btn-d in Blocs 2.4.5.
Not sure if that was what you were looking for :fearful: