Super cool secret Bloc Rules design

So I was over at Vic Bells cool Dribble site and saw this:

Really impressive design work and well suited to Blocs.


I believe it was designed at @norm’s request specifically for Blocs :slight_smile:

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I know. It’s too good to keep in the drawer:)

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I hadn’t realised that Norm was such an accomplished graphics designer and icon designer. Making good looking icons is a really unique skillset and it’s now obvious why the Blocs web site and BlocsApp UI are so slick. Knowing that Norm created those icons is impressive.

Yeah vic is crazy good. This design was produced for Blocs swag.

Yeah I started out with graphics and moved into development later on. It’s great to be able to do both.

@Norm I know you had some of these made with stickers and shirts (thank you) is there any way for some of the community members to order these? I have both graphic stickers on my old MacBook and my new MacBook Pro looks naked. :wink:



I agree with @casey1823, It would be great to be able to order these! :slight_smile:

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I’ll get somthing set up.

Like this wall art at the office. :wink:

Yes I was just looking for that snap.

Yes Vic is very talented indeed. Hard to get hold of though, because her website contact form doesn’t work. If you have an email address maybe you could DM it as I have some work for her.