Hello. What is the best way to insert and display a superscript number or letter into a line or block of text?

™ is available directly as a superscript character without any additional effort.

However, ® is not. The same goes for superscript numbers.

Is it possible edit the HTML? e.g. ®

I have a need to place ® in multiple text locations

Thank you in advance

Select the object and in the blue bar just above select span.

Then create a class for that span.

Go into page settings and add custom code:

.whatever you called your class { font-size:.4em; margin-right:3px; line-height: 2; vertical-align: super; }

You can adjust the sizing and such there.

NOTE - you need to add style before and /style after, wrapped in < > It is deleting here for me

Thank you.
I see the blue bar just above the selected text.
How do I then “create a class for the span”?
Will it affect the entire line of text.

No, just select/highlight the object to want to superscript, not the whole line of text

after selecting and wrapping in span - go the side bar and make a class under classes. Call it superscript or something


So that got me here … what’s next …
I do not see an option to insert the needed code for superscript?

You don’t need the class manager. You’ll use the class field on the right, where it says hero-h1

Select the ®, hit span in the blue box that appears. Then immediately type in a class (superscript for example) in the classes box on the right. Then go to page settings and put in the code I mentioned above

Appreciate your help. Seem to be making progress. But stumped at where to enter code. …

font-size:.4em; margin-right:3px; line-height: 2; vertical-align: super;

Tried this and then viewed. The ® is not appearing as superscripted. Please see the code and LMK what I doing incorrectly. Thank you!

For the first style: Take out the /

<style> your code </style>

Removed the first “/” as suggested and still seems I’m missing something. Nothing superscripted.
2 pics attached
Appreciate ur help!

You misspelled superscript in your code :wink:

Yes, yes I did! Thank you very much for your patience and help! Happy New Year!

You’re welcome. Glad you got it working. Happy New Year

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