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Is there any way I can save an svg as an image because when my svg image loads up I’m unable to save it.

I’m wanting to edit the svg image I want to use to make some changes on the image itself but still keeping the svg quality.

Or is there any iPad apps or websites that can make any image look as good as an svg image as it’s the clear and sharp quality I want.

I’m not good at this stuff so sorry if I’ve confused you.

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Hey @Clacker
Your description is indeed a little confusing :sweat_smile:

SVGs are coded, or if you want so vector-based images. on the contrary there are pixel-based images like PNG, JPG, TIFF and so on. If you convert a SVG (vectors) to a pixel-based image (f.e. PNG) you will loose the advantages of vectors (scalability = sharpness in all sizes etc.)

So if you want to edit a SVG, you should use an app like Adobe Illustrator. Or anything else, that can handle vectors.

Here you can find some free alternatives to Adobe Illustrator:

Hope this helps!

Vectornator is a free ipad app to make svg…

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Affinity Designer is available for little money. With it all illustrations can 1. be created and 2. export, 3. convert in almost all formats: tif, eps, png, jpg etc. As described above @benfluri, however, you lose the advantages of vector-based files.

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