Swaping Blocs

Every bloc represents a song from the music album in order how it should be played.
I’ve changed my mind and want to swap two songs.
How to do so?
I thought drag’n’drop bloc to reorder should work, but…

Select the bloc you want to move. Now press cmd+alt with one hand and move the bloc up or down with the arrow keys on your keyboard.

The slow way is to see the menu at the top of the screen for bloc and then go move > up or down. It’s the same result.

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Select the bloc you want to move, and press CMD + Option, and use the arrow keys to move it up or down.

You can do this either by selecting the bloc in the Layer Tree, or the bloc on the canvas.

You should be able to left click on the bloc you want to move then drag to new spot until you see a blue line where you want to move the bloc to and let go of the mouse. It seems to work better if all the blocs are collapsed and sometimes you have to move the mouse either left or right depending where it is and hold it until you see the blue link in the new insert point… I have done this several times and it does work but it does seem to be sort of a sensitive operation.

One more thing I usually save the project prior to making this move in case I mess things up on the move…

I tried telekinesis… didn’t work… so the above suggestions should do the trick

Thanks a lot!