Switch from Blocs 3.5.8 to Blocs 4.5

Hello everyone, I am an old user (and faithful lover) of Blocs. In a while, after a long wait, I’ll be able to get a new Mac: until now, due to various disasters (divorce, moving, business problems), I’ve been forced to continue working on two old iMacs with Sierra, but now I’ll switch to updated systems. Including Blocs 4.5, which I bought in November and have yet to use! (Talk about trust! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:).
My question is: I’ve made dozens of websites, some of them very complex, with Blocs 3.5.8. What are the problems I’ll face when I switch from Blocs 3.5.8 to Blocs 4.5?
Can I open the old sites and continue to work on them without problems, or should I use some special measures? Or is it better that I resign myself to the idea that I have to redo them all from scratch?

I have found migrations pretty smooth and you may not need to do anything at all if you remain on Bootstrap 4. I would suggest opening projects in Blocs 4, then saving them with a new name that indicates they are done with Blocs 4. From there you can experiment knowing the original version is untouched.

These days I am doing everything with Bootstrap 5 and you may have a few points to change if you have custom coding. I have one site that I have left on Bootstrap 4 for this reason, but none that have been left on Blocs 3 due to general migration concerns or that had to be rebuilt from scratch.


Thank U very much, @Flashman.

It is very comforting to read these words.
It means that the right strategy is to leave the previous sites as they are, save them in Blocs 4.5 only for possible additions/changes, and then produce new sites in Blocs 4.5 with Bootstrap5.

Can you tell me if all the “bex” I’ve bought over time (e.g. “Scroll Progress”, “Smart Nav”, “Progress-Bar”, “Code-Embed”, “Cookie policy”, “Countdown”, “Image_Swap_On_Hover”, “Hover Tilt”…) still work? That is, can I mount them on Blocs 4.5? Or do I have to buy new versions?

All of your brics should be compatible with Blocs 4, however you will need to check each one individually to see if they work with Bootstrap 5. Some new brics only work with BS5. At this stage I think Bootstrap 5 should be the default. I think most brics have now been updated to work with Bootstrap 5.

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Hi @Mangla ,

I had a few websites which needed changing and it was pretty seamless - I would also while in the process like @Flashman has said is check with BS5 if they will work and while making the changes, do it in BS5 and future proof yourself while its all being done.

But remember - back up back up back up back up !!!

Enjoy! New Blocs is amazing!!! and its only getting better ! thanks to @Norm and his team!

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Thank you both @Flashman @AdieJAM.
One last doubt remains.
So I’m going to mount on Blocs 4.5 the updated “bex” (“Scroll Progress”, “Smart Nav”, “Progress-Bar”, and so on…), which only work with Bootstrap 5: what happens to sites that already use these brics — but that were made (and will continue to be) with Bootstrap 4? I mean, what happens to a site made with Blocs 3.5.8 that uses “Smart Nav” or “Progress-Bar” that were native to Bootstrap 4, when I open and update that site with Blocs 4.5? Do the “old bex” get messed up, stop working, mess up the site?

You could always avoid updating the brics in the extension manager, but that would mean you are stuck with older versions for everything that may lack new features or bug fixes.

When you open a project with a bric that has been updated in the extension manager, it usually gives you the opportunity to update the bric, which has been used in that older project. This effectively allows you to update the bric in the extension manager without automatically affecting the older projects. As long as you skip the update offer when those projects are opened nothing should change.

Before you do anything, perhaps one of the developers could chime in and offer some confirmation of this though. I have always charged ahead with updates and not had an issue, but practically everything is on Bootstrap 5 now. I do have a couple of older projects that are still on Blocs 3, simply because they have never been updated.

Some custom brics work with either BS4 or BS5, however I think the tendency now is towards BS5 only with anything newly released.

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Thank U very much.
Well, I can’t wait to get started with Blocs 4.5. I think I understand that the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.