Switch from Muse to Blocs


I made my website with Adobe Muse, and as you might have heard, Adobe Muse will stop updating their app.
So I’m looking for a good alternatieve (sorry to use that word) and Blocs looks really good.

I’ve downloaded the trial and tried some things, but can’t find the fully functions yet. Before buying, I was wondering if I can recreate my current website with Blocs.

It’s a kids stories website, with a collection of stories.

The website: http://www.juliansverhalen.nl
The collection of stories: http://juliansverhalen.nl/de-verhaaltjes.html , which links to the stories detail pages.

Is it possible to recreate my website with Blocs with your functionalities?

Thank you in advance!!
Best, Julian

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Absolutely you can. There are only a few things that you could do in Muse that you won’t be able to do in Blocs. You won’t have the free placement of text and graphics and you won’t be able to apply true parallax and user controlled animation effects. However, looking at your current site it will lend itself beautifully to the Blocs environment. I’m also a former Muse user and I was very disappointed at the way Adobe shafted their clients on the dropping of Muse. Anyway, I’ve moved on to Blocs and wouldn’t look back. In fact, I found blocs to be a little more disciplined when laying our a website and this isn’t a bad thing. Too much free reign on how you layout a webpage can often get messy.

Absolutely, your site could be recreated in Blocs. It could look slightly different/better but would work well.

If you decide to purchase Blocs my advice would be to take @Eldar video courses. It’s well worth the cost and and will help learn Blocs a lot faster. The core training can help in just the areas you’re interested in.

Here’s the link: https://store.eldargezalov.com

Oh, nice looking site!



Thank you very much for your answers, that helps a lot.
I’ll get into the training videos also, to get myself up to speed.

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