Synched Data

I do 99% of my work on the Mac Pro, running High Sierra, however I also have an old iMac running El Capitan as a backup machine.

It would be really useful if preferences, templates, custom brics and fonts could by synched across the user’s computers, either manually or automatically, so you can switch from one machine to another with a consistent setup.

I’ve actually tried storing my project files in the iCloud Drive on the Mac Pro, however they don’t show up on the iMac for some reason.

Hi @Flashman

That’s interesting suggestion for preferences, templates, fonts, and custom brics!
For now, I sync all of my project files in iCloud Drive, and they appear across all of my devices.
I am not sure why they don’t show up for you on iMac.

I’m not sure why they are not synching either on the iMac. Mail settings, Safari bookmarks and that sort of thing are all working but the actual iCloud Drive on the iMac is blank and I’ve tried setting it up a dozen times.

I use Yummy as an FTP client, which includes an option to store bookmarks and other information on the iCloud Drive, which should automatically be picked up if you install Yummy on another machine. It just seems logical to me that Blocs should work the same way, so if I create a dozen templates on one computer they are also available on the other.

I’ve just tried adding web fonts to Dropbox so there is a common resource location, but it would be even better if they could be added to Blocs on the other computer by default. Chances are I’ll pick up a laptop at some point and you want the option to just grab that second computer and work without having to manually recreate everything. The templates in particular would be a big one.

Is there a solution how to bring preferences, templates, fonts, and custom brics to another mac now? blocs3?
I mean, two users need the same projects

Nothing specific, but there are a few things you can do. I store web fonts via Dropbox, however they still have to be installed one by one, which is a pain. I’ve not tried myself, however it might be possible to copy the Blocs 3 application support folder to the other computer and import everything that way. Keeping them in sync though would be require more manual updates.

I use a Synology NAS for my work due to several people accessing similar files etc, it works by using a 2-way sync

Basically one folder on computer 1 is sync’d to the NAS so any changes on computer 1 are uploaded to the NAS folder to keep a 1:1 copy, when I go onto computer 2, I can either access the NAS via network and grab the latest files, or (I haven’t tried this yet as I don’t need to and may be a bit complicated) I can setup the computers to sync to the NAS and the NAS ensures all computers have the exact same files and will sync modified versions across to each computer immediately when they are saved.