Table Tool or Table Bloc

I’ve written about the need for a Table Tool or Table Bloc extensively in the forums, but after reading a post by @handshaper today, I was encouraged to formalize this Wish List feature request. Indeed, @mackyangeles made it a part of his 2018 Wish List. And although @Eldar very kindly shared his Blocs document showing how to create tables in Blocs, it is a painstaking process prone to error and wastes a huge amount of my time, quite frankly. Even @Norm said he hopes someone makes a Table Bric!

We either need this built into Blocs (the best approach) or when the Blocs Store opens maybe an enterprising coder genius could put together such a tool. But an easier and faster way to build tables is greatly needed in Blocs. Yes, I mean Blocs 3, not Blocs 4 or 5 or Blocs 26. We really need it now.



Yes, you have written about the need for tables “extensively”. Do think another post for the same thing is going to help this happen? How many posts do you need to create? For me, it’s becoming very annoying… the duplicate post is a waste of the forum’s resources…and please I don’t need a five paragraph reply. Just my observation, like it or not.


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I think that @Norm is not replying to some of the requests because he knows (and i’m Only assuming that) that the Bric store will reply to a lot of requests. This one and a lot of others, that @JDW and others users ask for. I know that the store will have free and payed products, but I only ask @Norm please to make the store fair. Just keep BlocsApp upgrading is own core features, regarding if there is Bric or not that have that feature. As someone explain, it could have a standard free/core Bric, and could be a paid Bric in store with more resources…


@Pealco I know Norm knows about the wants of the forum members. It’s well documented in many forum areas. I’m sure we are going to see more advances with the store and also developers adding content also. We can only assume there will be changes. As a person who has used Blocs from the beginning, I can tell you it’s come a long way in a short time. I’m not against users adding wish list items but when they are continually repeated I feel its a big waste of time.



I was also looking for a way to replace tables as the format itselfe is quiet often needed on my side.
But since @Eldar underlined my way way of using rows as a repalcement I am not missing tables anymore at all - infact - They are there! It just needs to approach blocs in the “blocs way” and get rid of comparising this app with Freeway or others.
A lot is possible with this app and sometimes so easy if you are willing to be open learning differnet workflows.


I strongly disagree and have written a rebuttal here.

I disagree. My time has value, and I believe I have used it prudently, positively, and for the good of Blocs. With that said, we don’t have to agree to be friendly. I hold no animosity toward you or the other couple forum members who so frequently chastise me in this forum. What you are seeing in me is nothing more than my passion for Blocs. The worst thing any of us can do is become apathetic toward the app. We may not agree with others in this forum when exchanging ideas, but at least we are contributing. And in the end, Norm can decide what he wishes to do. The ball is in his court, not ours; but we are all still in the game. It is my own contention that repetition is a good thing, not bad.

As I continue to rebuilt my existing large website in Blocs, which involves a lot of tables, I all the more wish for a dedicated table tool and here’s why.

I start off building tables using the approach established by @Eldar. It’s not a bad technique. It simply is time consuming and currently is the only way to build tables in Blocs. But let’s say you build a fairly elaborate table with numerous rows and columns in Blocs. Later you come back to your tables because someone in your company wants alternating row colors added. With a dedicated table tool, adding that is easy, but doing it in Blocs now takes a lot of manual labor. You may have other things to do on your daily agenda that means you really don’t have time to spend muckying around with tables hours on end.

So let’s say you spent those hours and got your alternating row and column colors added. What if you are then asked to add thin divider lines in between certain rows and columns? There’s no easy way to do that now in Blocs. It takes a lot of unnecessary time and manual labor. But when you need to add tables in a site like I do, you have no choice but to spend days upon days doing that drudgery.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when dealing with tables. Web design is always a moving target because people who dictate what goes into the site are constantly making revisions. I need to be able to make those revisions as fast as possible.

I must be blunt. It matters nothing to me if everybody else out there using Blocs “doesn’t care about tables at all.” I really don’t care. I have a job to do which is not dependent on what others do in Blocs. And I disagree with the argumentative quip, “Well, then Blocs isn’t the app for you!” How insensitive and wrong such statements are! No, Blocs is THE app for me, yet it can be improved. And one small way Blocs can take a huge leap forward is with a dedicated Table Tool. I therefore am happy to tout this need from the highest hill. And despite the naysayers, I will persevere. When you say something often enough and loud enough, it will be heard by the right ears and the resulting action taken will be a boon to everyone. Believe it or not, it will. Until then, back to the drudgery…


@JDW i don’t know what kind of table you need, but if it is a normal table, I found a table generator that you can costumize everything, and it generates a code, if you need to change it later you can import the table, make changes and then re-generate the code.
Give a look at this:

You have even an extras options like this:

Hope it helps you, and others users.