Tables bric?


Is there any plans to add a tables bric? This would be very very handy.


Yes there are plans.

If you can do that …
that would be great for Vitas.

Are these plans implemented in Blocs3?
I need a way to create tables with at least 15-20 rows (not as a picture file, but as an actual table) and also at least 15-20 columns?

No, tables are not on the release roster for v3. You can always paste them in with the html widget. Spending time and resources to create visual controls for editing tables just seems wasteful in this modern era of web design. Maybe someone will make a Bric once the API comes out of beta.

" tables just seems wasteful in this modern era of web design" …

? Really ?

Feature comparison tables, pricing tables etc. … There is definitely a need for tables … it’s part of bootstrap 4 …

OK, so hand-coding for the moment …

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Responsive tables is one of THE key features I’ve been waiting for in Blocs. That’s why I am not officially a Blocs user yet and still use SoftPress Freeway. I am talking about Excel-like tables that hold tabular data. Having a big table of data collapse in an attractive way based on display size (i.e., “responsive”) would be an amazing feat in Blocs, of course, but equally amazing on our websites. All the websites I maintain now (albeit, not responsive sites, currently) have tabular data, and some of those tables are quite large.

Responsive Tables and a site-wide Search feature (easy means to implement Google Custom Search, for example) are the two must-have features that will make me switch to Blocs in the future. I think Blocs is very useful now for many people. It’s just that I cannot switch all the existing content in my sites to a responsive site built in Blocs without a convenient means of adding tabular data and a site-wide search feature.



I do have to say Thanks again to be so sticky on the TABLE feature.
Some people discribe this as old fashion web design, that might be right until they understand what the use means to us.
Yes, I have found a way to work around – specialy with blocss 3 as we have now the the option to fiddle with the number of colums in a row.
But this is still no replace for a siimple responcive table.
Would love that feature as a bric so much…:kissing_closed_eyes:
Thanks for all your efforts on the bloc project and helping others with your demands!


Indeed. I would say it’s a double misconception. Back in the day, we used “table layouts” to create our websites. So when modern web designers think of tables, they reflect on that old style means of web design from the past. Of course, that isn’t what we are talking about when we ask for a table Bloc. Such a Bloc is for tabular data. And it is true that some people who understand that still think it’s old fashioned. But hey, what am I to do with my tabular data? Stick it in a PDF and have them download that separately, as if that is somehow advanced and modern? I am of the strong opinion that putting data inline inside a web page is often superior to forcing the user to download files to view the same data, especially on mobile devices. On mobile devices, you benefit most from responsive sites and tables that can collapse and expand nicely.

All said, I really, REALLY look forward to seeing this new feature in Blocs. And I truly hope we won’t need to wait until Blocs 6.0 to see it. No doubt it will be hard to implement right. I understand that. But I think the benefits would be tremendous.



This argument has been around a long time. The best solution has been online table generators like these:

Some of these will allow you to save the table (with content) to manage and edit later.

Even some of the most popular CMS’s in the world (Wordpress & Drupal) have this same ideology. The plugins that do make tables are basically the same as these online table builders. You build a table in a separate part of the app and then embed it onto a page with shortcodes.

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Thanks @Whittfield for letting us know about these. If you would mind would you know if these are responsive? I’m sure you know the answer and would save some time looking into it.

That too has already been previously discussed. :wink:

You’re welcome @KBConcepts.

Here’s one that is responsive.

Try the others and do a search there are lots out there.

I’ve linked to the video preview because it shows adding the responsive table to a Drupal site. (and Drupal has one of the biggest dev communities out there!)

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. :grinning:

Here is a good source for Sortable Responsive Tables

Well, having a built-in table bric with full customization and everything would be great, but it’s not critical for me (at least in my workflow). I think that with a bit of work, it is already possible to create a pretty usable simple table in Blocs 3.


I have put tables on the ‘Wish List’ already, but as I needed a table in my first Blocs site, I (a coding dummy!) found it remarkably easy to achieve exactly what I needed with the HTML bric. Admittedly a very small, simple table…

…but setting the table width to 100% allows it to be fully responsive in Blocs. (The image here is a a screengrab only to show its simplicity!)
With Muse, I used a widget by called Tablesmith (there’s a live preview option on the linked page!), which allowed sorting, and hiding/showing columns depending upon breakpoint. Here’s a screengrab of Tablesmith:

…with the dropdown to choose the visible columns showing at right.
If something like this was available as a Blocs bric, I’d be very interested!
For those of us working on sites for sports, and no doubt many other subjects, tables remain fairly much an essential!

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