Tablet format incorrect

I have created a design that looks great in Desktop and Mobile formats, but is ‘offset’ in tablet format.
Any help in rectifying this would be great…

Welcome to the forum.

Interesting choice of user name.

So do you have a live url link of your site?

Thanks for the welcome.
Sorry - just uploaded the site today.
You can view it here:

As you will see - problem with icons on tablet only …

Any ideas?

I can only assume you are speaking of the circle images being left justified on smaller breakpoints.

If so, to fix that give each image a center alignment:

Screen Shot Appearance Center

For further control you should find these useful for working and making adjustments across breakpoints:

Hope that helps your efforts

Thanks so much for the help.
Having moved from Serif Web Plus, I’m finding things very different - and so much better!
I think that I had confused myself and got the custom class wrong as well as using images of different sizes.
I have now re-composed the page and all is working better (apart from one image on the home page (Scotland), but this time in mobile format…
I’ll get there in the end.
For my first time on the Blocs Forum, I am most impressed

You’re welcome. Yes its a very helpful community, again welcome to Blocs !