Tablet version squiffy - but phone OK? Have I misunderstood blocsapp?

I purchased Blocsapp as thought it would give me responsive websites without the hassle.

I’m currently working on two websites, on both the desktop version and phone versions look fine, but there’s certain pictures/wording on the tablet versions that are completely out of line.

Is it a bug in the software? or do the mobile versions need tweaking?

Thanks in advance

It may be that you have to make some adjustment for tablet, using visibility or a custom class. I would always advise checking this on different devices as well, because different breakpoints can sometimes cause problems and making the text just a fraction smaller for example solves everything. Is there a URL we can see?

Sorry for the late reply.
I’ve sorted the issue now by tweaking it, just thought if the phone version looked OK, then why not the tablet.

I appreciate your time to reply.


Glad you have it sorted now. Designing for responsive websites is not always easy and I once had a situation where the formatting would break, but only on larger mobile displays when held horizontally, because it was somehow falling between mobile and tablet in a sort of no mans land. The site had already been live for a month or two before I discovered this, so nowadays I test on as many mobile and tablet options as possible.