Targeting css in a code bric

Okay, just trying to wrap my head around targeting specific parts of a page with CSS in Blocs.

I have a page I’m building here and I used a Pulse CMS “blog tag” to generate the blog inside a Blocs “html widget”

What I’m trying to do is style the text, in particular the headlines are too big (an h2 element), and I would like to add the magenta color to them as well. In Rapidweaver I would have just wrapped the “code stack” inside of a “styling stack” and would be able to alter any/all css inside of it.

I’ve tried to follow the few css tips I could find in the knowledge base and here in the forum, but can’t make heads or tails of how I would apply them.

Any guidance would be great!

Never mind - I found the css file I needed buried in the files. Luckily it is one that doesn’t get touched by any changes/updates from Blocs.