Team Bloc not always centred or equal

I’m just throwing together a draft version of a website which you can see at and it makes use of a Team Bloc.

It looks great when previewed in Blocs.

Out in the wild though, I can see the separate elements are shunted to the left on several mobile devices, whether in landscape or portrait as shown below.

Then on various tablet sizes and desktop widths one of the three elements is permanently shorter than the others.

Is there any way to ensure they always remain centred and maintain the same height regardless of the device in use?

Hello @Flashman,

To make these panels to always stay in the center on tablet devices, open the class assigned to this panel and set the margins of both sides to auto. See screenshot below.

If there is no class, you can add your own and do the same. You can also set the fixed height for these panels, for desktop, tablet, and mobile.


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There is actually a custom class shown below that was applied to panel by @Norm when the Bloc was created, but in that case it applies to just a single panel inside a 3 column row. I’ve duplicated the panel to make it a three panel row, which might be where the problem comes from.

I’ve copied what you suggested and it appears to work on the panels, but it has strangely messed up the formatting on the text above the panels on tablet devices as shown below. It seems to be OK on mobile and desktop though from what I’ve seen.

@Eldar Deleting the bloc above the panels, quitting Blocs and then adding it again seems to have done the trick and it now looks correct apart from when viewed on tablets in landscape format where the purple panel is still shorter than the others. I’ll upload the change to the site, but reducing the maximum width of the panels may help.

Did you remember to tap your heels three times and repeat “there’s no place like home”…:wink:

Actually Solis has just come to the rescue here by the look of it. The panel width has to come down to a maximum of 250 pixels at which point it all looks good and I was able to check this in real time as I adjusted the custom class. There was no need to summon the wizard of oz either, which was somewhat before my time :grinning:

I’ll upload the changes and check it live…

Just a thought @Eldar but I am sure it would be useful for many if some of your core training videos showed how to get the best out of working with Blocs alongside Solis.

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