Text disappear/reappear in hover/active states?

Hi, I am including two screen captures here… the first one shows the image in a box with the word integrate over it. Then the second one (when in hover or active) will turn the solid blue color. I figured out how to do this just fine by using buttons (thanks Eldar!) However, what I want is for the word Integrate to go away when i am in hover or active, and for different words to appear over the blue background. Is there any way to achieve this? Thanks so much!

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The simplest option would be to make the text part of the two images - one image is used as the background of the normal state button, the other is used as the background for the hover state button. Of course, these types of effects are not going to work on mobiles and tablets because there is no way to detect a finger hover on touch screen devices, so you may need to make the buttons invisible on mobile devices, and create an additional, more simple button which can be made visible on mobiles and invisible on desktop/laptops.

I was hoping to avoid using an image for each button thinking there might be another solution, but appears not? thanks :slight_smile:

You may like to take a look at Card Designer in the Blocs Store. This would most likely give you what your looking for, plus a whole lot more. It’s a paid feature, but well worth the money if you like to utilise hover effects etc.