Text in Blocs too dark

Hi Norm,

When filling in the URL under the “Navigate to URL”, the text is too dark to see. See image attached. There are more of those text boxes that are hard to read. Can we change this? Or is this related to a setting in MacOs?

Thanks again!

Odd, mine show up as white…

That is really strange. I have played with some settings on my macbook pro, but the box remains black. Could this be solved?

What version of MacOS is this?

Just for grins and giggles, try pasting in white text from an app that sets color style info. It’s possible you pasted in text from an app that passed black color info, and maybe @Norm is not stripping that info on paste.

Thanks ScottinPlollock, I pasted this text indeed, but even if I type in another field it is black. See example of another entry field (“label”) without pasted text. My MacOs version is 10.12.6 (hence latest one).

Really weird …

All white for me with High Sierra.

Even when fully uninstalling (with the help of an uninstaller that detects all related files) and installing the app, the colour remains black. Strange … I haven’t tweaked my interface or MacOS …

Found it!! I switched on “Increase Contrast” under Accessibility since I like the way it improves the interface (for me). Switching off makes the text white.

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