Text Inside Audio Player Bric?

Is there any way to hack Blocs’ Audio Bric such that I can add text inside? I think it would be helpful if I could label the MP3 inside it so people know what will play before clicking that play button.


Not sure if you need the option of a playlist, but I downloaded an audio player from the blocs store and that gives you the option of adding a title label. It could be used as a single source playlist also if only the one sound sample.

Thank you for the tip, but Player in the Blocs Store costs $15 and I wouldn’t use it enough to justify the expense. I just want a one-off, single MP3 file to be played and have a name tag (no playlists).

Hello @JDW, the player appears as a bric but is only a form to add audio in html.

As you add images or videos, and appears different from browser to browser.
So in the end if you open a html bric and add the following code you will have the same.

<audio src="file.mp3" controls="" loop="" autoplay=""></audio>

So for what you need you have to go to a different way. As there is no way of changing this…

But there is a few js players that do what you need…

But the Player in Blocs Store works very well, I have it…

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@Pealco, thank you.

I don’t want to spend money, so I will not go with the Blocs Store solution. I will just add paragraph text in close proximity to the Audio Player (the Bric in Blocs) and use that as my label. I simply thought it might be neat to have the label inside the player, but there is no easy code hack to do that with the Blocs Bric, so I will be satisfied with my fall-back solution.