Text is not in line in paragraphs

For some reason, within my bloc, I have noticed that if two paragraphs with headers are next two each other, the paragraph on the right and header is slightly lower than the one the left?

I have tried all I can think of but it keeps making that paragraph and header slightly lower than the column on the left of it? Is this a bug as I have tried every structure and placed in text and headers and it does it all the time?

Thanks for the help.

Hey, did you adjust the padding/margin settings on both the same way?

Hi Eldar, yes, I also checked. I have noticed this also happens slightly. I can see that one side, the text will always be slightly lower.

I looked in the project settings and nothing jumps out as out of sync with anything.
I looked in classes and nothing there either?

I’m unsure why

I am starting to believe this could be a bug as I have tried everything in classes etc as.well and this happens for me all the time. I have also noticed that you have this problem on your personal website. If you look at your three images and the text underneath. There is a clear difference in the line from one to another with regards to the images and the text. It is just slightly off, and seems to tilt from left to right. So the first column, with image and text is ok, the second slightly off, and third again.

Are you viewing this in Blocs or a web browser?

If the browser width is close to a breakpoint change then one column will start shifting to change position and may appear lower than the other.

Hi Flash. I am viewing this in both.

I just opened a fresh project and put in two columns where each one has a header and text bric but there are no alignment issues.

Hi Flash.

I just viewed my site and work on both a MacBook Pro and then on another Mac work station, and this is happening on both size browsers.

Can I DM you please.

Sure by all means.