Text Link Problem


Does anyone know why if I put a few texts in a line, and then add text links, they are all ok in desk and pad mode, but in mobile they don’t display correctly, and run off the page in a straight line. I found that if I delete one text the arrangement will fit correctly, if I put one back on, it goes off the screen in a straight line again and does not fold into two lines…

I have tried all day and it just won’t fit like all other texts will…

Any suggestions…

Thanks for any advice…



I almost understand what you mean… almost :slight_smile: Could you please send me the project fine with an example or at least direct me the the website where I can check the problem?



Hi Eldar. Thank you so much for your help. I got help from guys here so I finally did it. :wink:
Thanks Eldar for you willingness to help.